It’s event season – here’s how to make the most of it

Assembled resources that will help you make the most of your (live and virtual) fundraising events.
March 15, 2024
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

It’s just about spring event season, when nonprofits may be preparing for an annual (or special) fundraising gathering – gala, outing or signature event.

With that in mind, here are the resources we have assembled that will help you make the most of your fundraising events.

Give Lively Event Fundraising products

Give Lively's free Event Fundraising solution consists of three practical and flexible products: Event Ticketing, Text-to-Donate and Live Display

Used together or separately, as well as in conjunction with other Give Lively fundraising solutions, they help nonprofits translate the excitement of live and virtual events into fundraising success.

Event Ticketing pages are user-friendly ways to sell event tickets, sponsorships and more. The pages are search-optimized, customizable and come complete with tailorable payment tiers, event details and personalized thank-you emails. See some Event Ticketing pages in action.

Text-to-Donate is our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go. Donors text a custom code and give via a secure fundraising page. See Text-to-Donate in action.

Live Display inspires donors to give generously by tracking and presenting contributions in nearly real time, especially at fundraising events. See Live Display in action.

Technical questions to help choose the right venue

If you’re still making a decision about where to hold your event, consider asking these questions of prospective venues to ascertain if their internet connectivity and strength are ready for the use of Give Lively products.

Technical and fundraising event best practices checklists  

With your venue set, tickets selling like hotcakes and the event date fast approaching, let’s turn to the power of Text-to-Donate and Live Display. Here is our ultimate guide to using Text-to-Donate and Live Display at events, complete with two checklists – one technical and the other best practices. You can also learn a lot from our ultimate guide for Text-to-Donate.

Hosting amazing virtual fundraising events

Not planning on hosting a live event this year? Give Lively products also facilitate fundraising during virtual events, campaigns and appeals. Review our thorough list of useful tips and best practices about using Give Lively products during virtual events, and livestreaming and virtual events in general. Here’s an example of a virtual, livestreamed fundraiser that brought in over $2 million during a 30-hour marathon.

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