We’re rolling out the new second-generation payment form

This will eventually become standard for all Give Lively-powered fundraising pages.
February 6, 2023
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

For several months, Give Lively has been rolling out a second-generation payment form built to work with our upgraded system. In development since 2021, the system allows us to operate more efficiently behind the scenes, takes into account numerous nonprofit-requested features and promises terrific flexibility, ensuring nonprofits and donors benefit from a state-of-the-art fundraising platform for years to come.

“We have really enjoyed the release of the second-generation payment form,” said Ciana Ferden, a product manager at Give Lively. “It’s the culmination of an immense amount of work to empower both nonprofits and donors with greater flexibility and control over financial contributions. It's also a major bonus for our team, as it uses a streamlined, user-friendly design and is built on a simplified codebase that accomplishes many things, including facilitate efficient development cycles and make troubleshooting easier and faster, thus enhancing the customer support experience.”

What’s the rollout plan?

Our rollout of the second-generation form has been a slow and controlled process, to make sure we’re covering all the angles. This means that it is not yet available on all fundraising pages. For now, the second-generation payment form and the first-generation form it is replacing are both in use and serve equally well. There is no reason a nonprofit should favor one payment form over another, although the second-generation fundraising pages will eventually become standard for all Give Lively-powered fundraising pages. 

One page of the second-generation payment form.

Who sees which form?

Which generation payment form a donor sees is guided by a nonprofit’s choice of features. Any nonprofit that enables the specific set of features outlined in this Resource Hub article  may see the second-generation payment form.

Nonprofits will be advised by a “New Payment Form” announcement in the Nonprofit Admin Portal as soon as the second-generation form can be applied to any of their fundraising pages:

What are the new features in the second-generation payment form?

The second-generation payment form immediately satisfies numerous member requests:

  • a reconfigured display of payment methods
  • donation selection improvements
  • anonymous donations expanded to digital wallet payments
  • new navigational functionality, including breadcrumbs
  • new “cover the fee” language
  • a refreshed thank-you screen with more payment summary information
  • the inclusion of a tool for voluntary contributions to Give Lively
  • improved accessibility for users with disabilities.

Stay tuned for the rollout to continue and for yet more new features to be added. Learn more about the different generations of Give Lively payment forms.