How can I make my donation anonymous to the public?

To keep your name off publicly displayed lists of donors or donations, check the box on any Give Lively donation form that directs the following: “Show my name as ‘Anonymous’ when displaying this donation to the public.”

When this box is selected, your donation will indeed be labeled “Anonymous” on all public lists of donors or donations.

Note that this will be the case even if you dedicate your donation in honor or in memory of someone. If you choose to be anonymous, your donation will still register as “Anonymous” on all public donation lists. Otherwise, your name will appear on public-facing lists of donations, not the name of your dedicatee. 

More information about your data

Regardless of the choice you make about anonymity, the nonprofit(s) you support will have access to your name, email address, donation date and size, whether you made a one-time or monthly donation, the page(s) you donated through and any other information collected by the nonprofit(s). Additionally, the payment processor used (Stripe or PayPal) also records more general payment information, which a nonprofit can download. Learn more about what donor data Give Lively captures and where.

We feel strongly about privacy, security and transparency. At every level of what we do, we take appropriate steps to protect data, undertaking with our partners to keep privacy and security a top priority in our operations. Learn more about what we do to protect donor data

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