Understand what donor data Give Lively captures and where

Give Lively does capture some data. Here is what we record and where we gather it, as well as a reminder that we never collect financial information and always protect all data.

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As a general rule, in keeping with our commitment to data privacy and security, Give Lively takes full measures to protect all collected data, both where it is stored and when it is transferred between authorized parties. Donor data can also always be deleted upon request.

What Give Lively donation forms and event pages capture

  • Donor’s first and last name
  • Donor’s email address
  • Zip code
  • Country
  • Donation amount and frequency (one-time or monthly)
  • Donation date
  • Dedicatee's name (only if dedication was made, not available on Event Ticketing pages)
  • Type of dedication (only if selected, not available on Event Ticketing pages)
  • Phone number (only if donor arrives through Text-to-Donate)
  • Text-to-Donate text code (only if donor arrives through Text-to-Donate)
  • Campaign or event name, pulled from the page to which the donation was made

What Give Lively event pages also collect

Event Ticketing pages also collect the answers to any additional questions enabled by the nonprofit through the event dashboard, such as:

  • Donor company name
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • One custom question

What tracking data Give Lively captures and shares with Stripe

  • UTM source
  • Referral website (only when donors have tracking enabled on their device or browser)

Some metadata and general payment information is stored only in Stripe, but accessible by Give Lively

  • Card details such as brand (Visa/Mastercard etc.)
  • Card funding type (credit or debit)
  • Card expiration date
  • Last four digits of credit card number (the rest of the number is hidden, see below)

What data Give Lively shares with Double the Donation

  • Donor's first and last name
  • Donor's email address
  • Donation amount
  • Donation date
  • Fundraising page name (nonprofit, campaign, peer-to-peer or event)
  • Donor company name (if provided)

What Give Live does NOT collect or have any access to

  • Nonprofit’s bank account information
  • Personal information about any Stripe users (birth dates, social security numbers etc.)
  • Donor credit card number and verification code, which is securely encrypted by Stripe


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