How can I learn who made Giving Basket donations?

This FAQ addresses Give Lively’s role in processing donations through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket and may not apply to all Give Lively members.

Details about the lump sums are available via a secure portal, also powered by Give Lively. The portal includes data like the donors’ first and last names (when not anonymous), the donation dates, amounts and frequencies, and more. 

For free and instant access to the data:

  • If you are not a Give Lively member, log in here. If you have not already done so, claim your nonprofit’s account using the claim code (sent via letter) you received from Give Lively. (Read more about how to claim your account.) You do not need to remember your claim code; once you use it, you can forget it. If you lost or did not receive your claim code, here are your options.
  • If you are a Give Lively member, details about the contributions directed to your nonprofit via the Giving Basket are available within the Give Lively Nonprofit Admin Portal. (This is the back-end management system where Give Lively members customize and oversee their use of Give Lively technology.) On your dashboard, look for a “Giving Basket Donations” box. Click on “See Your Giving Basket Reports”.

If your nonprofit already has an account and you would like to be added as a user, learn how a current admin user can add additional Giving Basket donor data portal users.

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