Give Lively seeks nonprofit participants for custom question beta program [current]

Are you interested in early access to our new custom questions model in exchange for feedback about it? Let us know!
November 29, 2023
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

Nearing completion of a new model for adding custom questions to the checkout process on Give Lively-powered payment forms, we are looking for organizations interested in early access to it and ready to provide feedback about it.

About Give Lively's custom question enhancements

By default, Give Lively forms gather enough essential information from donors for the quick, legal and secure processing of payments. However, Give Lively is preparing to make it possible for nonprofits to add custom questions during the checkout process. These help nonprofits to collect additional information that nonprofits either require or desire in order to manage a campaign and maintain strong relationships with donors.

Our new custom question model will include the following features:

Custom questions on donation pages

Nonprofits can add or remove custom questions to the donation checkout process. There’s a limit of five pre-checkout questions (asked during the checkout process) and five post-checkout questions (asked after payment is completed) per donation form, but no restriction on question length.

Custom Question Library

Within the Nonprofit Admin Portal, records of all custom questions will be saved in the Custom Question Library. Questions can be added as is from this library to any campaign, edited before inclusion in a campaign or removed from the library.

Question Report

The Question Report is an enhanced CSV export of custom questions and donors’ responses. Answers to all custom questions are stored in this report, even if the question has been edited on a donation page.

Is this Custom Questions Beta Program of interest to you?

As with all of our beta programs, our custom questions model is a work in progress. By participating in the beta program – a closed beta only for participating nonprofits – you are granted early access to what we’ve set up in exchange for feedback that helps us refine functionality before its full release. 

Participation in this beta is purely voluntary and will not affect your current Give Lively experience, but it will hopefully give you an inside track to a better one! We will have multiple avenues through which you can share your feedback and our team will put together some guides to help you get up to speed with the Give Lively implementation.

Let us know

We hope to begin sending invitations out in the coming weeks. If you would like to join this beta, drop us an email from your organization email address (using your official organization domain) at with “Custom Questions Beta Program signup” in the subject line. Be sure to include your nonprofit’s name and EIN.

Members can sign up to be the first to learn about future beta testing opportunities.