Zapier is live, now with Zap templates

Learn about the Zapier triggers and templates that help propel our Zapier integration.
November 2, 2023
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

We are pleased to announce that our Zapier integration is live and available for all Give Lively member nonprofits.

About Zapier

Zapier is a software company that automates connections between apps, turning everyday tasks into effortless workflows. Our Zapier integration allows nonprofits to connect Give Lively to 6,000+ other web services. Using Zapier, nonprofits can, for example, automate actions when new donations come in, such as syncing to other databases and CRMs, triggering internal alerts based on criteria like gift amount, or passing donor contact details to a marketing suite. 

About our Zapier integration

Zaps and triggers

Zapier's automated connections are called Zaps. These consist of a trigger and one or more actions; the trigger automatically initiates the action(s) through Zapier. Zaps can be set up in minutes with no coding.

At present, Give Lively’s Zapier integration includes three triggers:

  • new donations
  • updated donations
  • updated donation status

Every time this Give Lively data changes, it can be used to trigger an action involving any of the 6,000+ web services connected to Zapier. These actions can be configured to utilize your Give Lively donation data (see a list of Give Lively data fields).

Zap templates

Zap templates are basically pre-set Zaps. Both the trigger and the action(s) are already identified, but the user’s specific account information is needed. Templates are the fastest way to set up Zaps.

With our Zapier integration fresh out of the gates, Give Lively has a handful of approved templates, with plenty more to come). For now, each time a new donation is made via Give Lively:

Keep in mind that you can also easily custom-build your own Zaps – on your own or using Zapier’s AI-powered Zap builder – using the three available triggers to prompt an action involving any of the 6,000+ web services connected to Zapier and utilizing your Give Lively donation data.

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