Give Lively creates digital products for social good.

Our mission is to build easy-to-use apps, sites, and services that make giving a more regular and rewarding part of everyday life.

Our Products

Small Token makes it incredibly easy to give a gift to someone by donating to a nonprofit on their behalf. Instantly show your gratitude.

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SwearJar is a Slack bot that converts colorful language and buzzword-speak to small charitable donations on your company's behalf.

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For Nonprofits

We ♥️ nonprofits. Our apps were created to help you raise funds and engage your supporters in new and interesting ways, at no cost to you or your supporters.

If you're a 501(c)(3) organization and have a profile in the GuideStar database, please partner with us.

Simply fill out and return this form

Benefits to Partnership

  • We'll direct deposit funds we raise on your behalf instead of sending a paper check.
  • When a user opts for it, we'll share details of their donation with you.
  • Your organization could be featured in a prime placement within our apps and sites
  • You'd be eligible to benefit from programs we occassionally run, including matching gifts and contests.