Is this article for you? It covers services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.
Is this article for you? It covers Salesforce integration services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.

Learn about the User Portal

The Give Lively User Portal is for everyone who has contributed to a nonprofit through digital fundraising technology powered by Give Lively.

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Before You Get Started

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The User Portal is an important and secure online feature that presently allows donors to do the following:

  • view and edit account details (name, email, password)
  • view recorded payment methods
  • view and sort donation history
  • view receipts for past donations and ticket purchases
  • view a list of recurring donations
  • view the history of recurring donations to a chosen organization
  • manage recurring donations, including cancel them
  • connect to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising pages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a nonprofit admin, you will be taken first to the Nonprofit Admin Portal when you log in. To go to the User Portal, click on your email at the top right of the nav bar in the Nonprofit Admin Portal and select "User Portal". When in the User Portal, you can find your way back to the Nonprofit Admin Portal from the list of 'MY NONPROFITS' on the welcome screen. If you have access to the Giving Basket Reports portal, you can navigate from there by clicking on your email in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and selecting “User Portal”.

In the weeks ahead we will be adding the following capabilities to the User Portal:

  • update payment methods
  • edit amount and date of recurring donations
  • view data associated with individual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.

To learn more about the User Portal, read What and where is the Give Lively User Portal? in our donor FAQs.


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