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In our system, there are upper and lower per-donation limits to how much can be raised.

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There is a $1 minimum and a $100,000 maximum donation allowed on our platform. These are fixed limits that apply to the entire platform, and automatic messages will advise donors if their intended contributions are outside this range.

Within these system-wide limits, nonprofits can pre-set custom donation amounts (in addition to an open field in which donors can enter any amount in the allowed range) for all Core Profiles, Campaign Pages, Event Tickets and Donation Widgets (see bullet 4).

For ACH/direct bank transfer donations:

  • There is a cap of $2,000 per ACH transaction.
  • Your nonprofit can't take in more than $10,000 in ACH donations per week (measured from Monday through Sunday).

Contact Stripe Support about the possibility of setting higher ACH limits to accommodate larger donations.


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