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While we consider quick donation disbursement to be important, the speed of disbursement is in part a function of the form of payment and whether a nonprofit is a Give Lively member.

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How quickly does Give Lively disburse donations?

We believe all money donated to nonprofits should get to those nonprofits as quickly as possible.

The speed of disbursement is in part a function of the form of payment and whether the nonprofit is a Give Lively member.

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* Transfers for non-members take longer and involve mailing paper checks. Stripe deposits donations directly to the Give Lively Foundation on a rolling two-day basis for credit cards and rolling seven-day basis for bank transfers. Then, within 30 days after the close of the month when the Give Lively Foundation receives the donation, a paper check is issued and mailed to the organization.

** Funds received through PayPal are deposited almost instantly to a nonprofit's PayPal account. Transfers to the nonprofit's bank account must be triggered by nonprofit and can happen two ways: 'Instant Transfer' to an eligible bank typically occurs in minutes, but varies by bank. Fees, limits and other holds may apply. 'Standard Transfer' is 1-3 business days at no additional cost.

Important Stripe disbursement notes:

Funds processed through Stripe are deposited directly to a nonprofit's designated account. Give Lively member nonprofits must have a fully authorized Stripe account connected with Give Lively.

Stripe integration means nonprofits gain immediate access to donation data and the ability to export donor data from Stripe.

Other disbursements topics

* Set up notifications for every donation
* Troubleshoot donations made via ACH/direct debit


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