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For mobile donors and speedy checkout, Give Lively supports both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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In most cases, Give Lively fundraising pages detect if a donor's device/browser has Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled as a payment method. If detected, the relevant payment option automatically appears.

There are, however, two exceptions: Apple Pay is never available as a payment option on Branded Donation Widgets and a short procedure must be followed to add it to Simple Donation Widgets.

Read more about all of this in the sections below.

Which digital wallets work with Give Lively?

For donors who have enabled Apple Pay:

  • It will appear as a payment method on Give Lively fundraising pages and the Simple Donation Widget (if the domain association file has been properly hosted). This will only be the case on iPhones (iOS 10.1 or later) using Safari, and Macs (macOS Sierra or later) using Safari or with TouchID.
  • IMPORTANT: Apple doesn’t allow the use of the Apple Pay button in an iframe, which is how Give Lively hosts Branded Donation Widgets. This is a limitation imposed by Apple on all donation platforms.

For donors who have enabled Google Pay:

  • It will appear as a payment method on all Give Lively fundraising pages and widgets when using any Chrome or Android devices running Chrome 61 or newer.
  • IMPORTANT: Google Pay must be served over HTTPS, meaning your website must begin with HTTPS, not HTTP. This is true for use on Branded Donation Widgets as well.

Enable Apple Pay on the Simple Donation Widget

Once you have embedded the Simple Donation Widget on your site, there are three steps to ensure Apple Pay is available for your donors. You only need to do this once for your website and it will apply to all Give Lively widgets hosted on your site. Keep in mind that Apple Pay will only appear on Apple devices that have it enabled using Safari.

  1. To begin, your application must be served over HTTPS.
  2. Please download this domain association file and host it on your site at: /.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association

    For example, if you're registering https://example.com, make that file available at https://example.com/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association. You'll know it's correctly hosted if you see the file when you go to that URL on your domain.
  3. Email support+applepay@givelively.org with the name of your nonprofit in the subject line, include the URL where your widget is hosted in the body of the email, and we will register your domain as approved on our end.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, email our team at support+applepay@givelively.org.

Disable digital wallets on my pages

Digital wallets can’t be disabled on Give Lively fundraising pages. That said, if proper activation instructions have been followed, Apple Pay can be removed from the simple widget upon request to support+applepay@givelively.org. This removal will impact all Give Lively widgets hosted on your website.


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