Is this article for you? It covers services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.
Is this article for you? It covers Salesforce integration services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.

Update your PayPal integration on Give Lively

Before you get started


Before you get started


Before you get started


Beginning in February 2021, PayPal changed the way third parties, like Give Lively, integrate with PayPal accounts such as a nonprofit’s. For our part, we’ve upgraded to the latest version of PayPal. And this is an easy step-by-step guide, with illustrations, of the steps nonprofits must take to ensure uninterrupted donations via PayPal.

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Before You Get Started

PayPal won’t fully support the current integration starting in February 2021. When it does, the PayPal button will be removed as a payment method from the Give Lively fundraising pages of any nonprofit that chooses not to upgrade its PayPal integration. Should this occur, this step-by-step guide can be used at any time to upgrade to the new version of PayPal and enable the PayPal payment option on all forms.

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Follow these steps to update your PayPal integration on Give Lively:

1. Log in to your nonprofit’s PayPal account.

2. Look for “Give Lively” in the list of merchants and click “Delete”.

3. Log in to Give Lively’s Nonprofit Admin Portal. 

4. Click "Organization Settings" in the menu on the top of the page and then "Integrations" in the tab on the left. If you can’t find this, go to

5. Click “Disconnect from PayPal” and then again in the "Remove PayPal Integration” popup.

6. Click “Begin PayPal Integration” to commence the new integration.

7. Enter your email address and select your country, then click the "Next" button.

8. Log back in to your PayPal account.

9. When you land on a page that says “Thank You for Signing Up,” click “Continue to PayPal Setup” to complete your PayPal profile and authorize transactions with your bank account. Please note that PayPal donations will not be processed by Stripe or appear in your Stripe account.

10. Click “Go back to Give Lively’s Store” to return to the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

There should now be a check mark and note that "Your organization can now accept donations through PayPal" next to PayPal on the Integrations page. If you do not see a check mark or the PayPal payment option on your fundraising page(s), contact us at

A note about Give Lively payment forms

Give Lively has two generations of payment forms in use. Your choice of features will dictate which form appears. At present, integrating with Paypal is supported only by our first-generation payment form. Activation of this feature will therefore necessarily require use of our first-generation payment form. Any combination of features that includes those detailed on this list will continue to see use of the first-generation form.

IMPORTANT: Both generations of payment forms guide donors through very similar giving experiences and there is no reason a nonprofit should favor one payment form over the other. Over the next few months, the new payment form will become the standard for all Give Lively donation pages. Learn more here.


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