Our 2023 year in review: strong and encouraging!

A review of our growth in 2023 and how it invigorated our dedication to mission, community and cause as we look ahead to 2024.
January 5, 2024
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

The year 2023 had lots of ups and downs but, despite the tumult, Give Lively and our member community of 9,000-plus active nonprofits had a strong and encouraging year. Let’s review the growth and invigorated dedication to mission, community and cause as we look ahead to 2024.

Upward bound

In 2023, we were pleased to see a 10.5% increase in total funds raised through our platform from an increase in 12.6% in the number of donations:

$259 million raised through our tech
more than 1.9 million donations processed

Mission possible

We redoubled our commitment to reimagining the future of digital fundraising for nonprofits – powerful, practical and free. We did some deep exploration of and reinvestment in the nonprofit and donor giving experiences and introduced major upgrades:

New payment form

With a more accessible design, streamlined checkout options and faster page loads, our second-generation payment form has been rolled out in a steady, controlled manner. It will soon be standard on all Give Lively-powered fundraising pages.

Payment Form visual with 3 bullet points: faster page loads, more accessible design, and streamlined check out options.

New donation data reporting/management 

More intuitive portals for nonprofits and donors have improved data access and consistency across the platform and empowered users with self-service tools.

Expanded integrations

Thousands of third-party services are available through Give Lively.

  • Our five-star, native integration with Salesforce includes free, direct access to specialists who can help install and configure the app.
  • Our Zapier integration connects Give Lively to 6,000+ other web services through automated actions triggered by donations.
salesforce logo and Zapier logo along other logos from apps that connect to Zapier such as Mailchimp, Gmail, and Hubspot.

Engaging community

Our active nonprofit member community is more than 9,000 strong – far surpassing most other fundraising platforms. We’re delivering more cost-saving opportunity, support and information every day:

9,000 active member nonprofits

Partnership power

Give Lively holds a deep belief in the power of partnerships with like-minded organizations. 

  • We’ve set the stage for our integration with Shift4, an alternative to Stripe and the leader in integrated payments and commerce technology, to offer reduced transaction fees and gift-processing capabilities expanded to cryptocurrencies and stocks.
Shift4 and Give Lively. Coming soon. Even lower payment processing fees with Shift4
  • We continue to enhance the Giving Basket, our collaboration with Charity Navigator, the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit evaluator

Outstanding support

Whether by chat, email, webinar or through the helpful advice of our upgraded AI bot, we were ready with quality help:

4.5 average customer satisfaction score for email support (out of 5)
  • 4 hours - average response time for email support
  • Less than 4 minutes - median chat response time by support team on our new chat widget
  • 78% - satisfaction with chat responses by support team
  • 40% - of chats quickly resolved by new AI bot before support team involvement
  • 95 - live demos/webinars for more than 700 prospective, new and established member nonprofits

Meaningful information 

We diversified and refined our communications in 2023:

  • We launched an Updates page and published 41 articles about our company, platform, members and staff.
  • Our comprehensive Changelog is now visible in the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
  • We empowered our subscribers to set their own email preferences.

Just cause

Since our founding, our allegiance with nonprofits has always extended beyond fundraising. We support the very essence of nonprofit development.

Tens of millions saved from 2017 to 2023

$90 million saved on nonprofit fundraising tech expenses since 2017

By using Give Lively, nonprofits have saved $90 million on fundraising tech expenses since 2017, $23 million of that in 2023 alone.

Leading with values 

We stand by our emphasis on progressive values, which we expanded in 2023. They motivate our team and are a decisive part of our membership criteria.

Stepping up for justice

In keeping with our values, we never shy away from use of our tech to promote progressive causes, such as trans healthcare in the face of transphobia.

Taking pride in nonprofits

Nonprofits are our heroes, so we featured some of our members each month throughout the year.

Every challenge is an opportunity. No matter what hurdles we face this coming year, we are confident that Give Lively will be your tech stronghold along the way, assisting you in generating and spreading social good. 

We are honored by your trust in 2023 and pledge to continue helping you make the most of 2024.

Speaking of which, in the weeks ahead, keep an eye out for even more of the features you've been asking for, like custom questions, direct donor-management features for nonprofits, new payment methods, lower third-party processing fees and more!

Happy New Year!
The Give Lively Team