Is this article for you? It covers services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.
Is this article for you? It covers Salesforce integration services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.

Prepare for Salesforce integration set-up

What you need to know and do in preparation for a Give Lively Salesforce integration.

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Before You Get Started

Have you reached out to us to request a Give Live Salesforce integration?

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IMPORTANT: When the integration is connected, all previous donations and event purchases made on your Give Lively fundraising pages will automatically sync to Salesforce. New donations and event purchases will sync within an hour of being marked as “paid.” New Campaign, Contact and Opportunity records will be created during this same hour window.

To set up for your Salesforce integration, please carefully review and prepare the following.

Confirm the following for the integration user

  • Access any Account, Contact, Campaign, and Opportunity record types in use in your org
  • "Read/Write" access to any Account and Contact record that should be considered for matching and which is associated with a gift synced from Give Lively, or View All and Modify All permissions
  • "API Enabled", "Assign Permission Sets", "Download AppExchange Packages" and "Manage Profiles and Permission Sets" permissions granted via Profile or Permission Set
  • Marketing User = TRUE on own User Record  

Other essential considerations

  • The integrating user should ideally be configured to have a non-expiring password, and will need to remain active in Salesforce as long as the Give Lively integration is in use. The user email should be evergreen, e.g. Here is an excellent article by Salesforce about creating a Dedicated Salesforce Integration User.
  • The Give Lively integration is not currently compatible with NPSP’s native “State and Country Picklists” feature. If you have State and Country Picklist enabled, you must disable this feature prior to establishing the integration.
  • Our integration attempts to match a Give Lively donor to an existing Contact in your Salesforce organization based on the email in the standard Email field. (This will be the value in the email field marked as preferred in NPSP.) If an exact match is not found, a new Contact is created. Currently this is the only option for Contact matching.
  • If you are using Salesforce's built-in duplicate matching rules, we strongly recommend that you create an exception for Give Lively's data sync.
  • At this time, P2P donations will not soft credit the fundraiser.
  • ACH/bank account donations will not sync or be recorded in the sync logs until the transaction has successfully been processed by the donor’s bank.
  • If you have GAU Allocations enabled in your production org, be sure to re-open the GAU Allocations page in your sandbox(es) before attempting to sync test donations. Go to NPSP Settings Tab > Donations > GAU Allocations. Simply opening the page will clear any invalid entries carried over from your production org, thus preventing errors.


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